Gheris Clíodhna

Gheris is a direct, dutiful human-hater, but has a half-human brother. Although she is a direct descendant of the leader of her clan, she has been neglected, with added guff because of said half-brother, and strives to be accepted.




AGI: 16
PER: 10
STR: 7
END: 7
REA: 6

COM: 4
WIL: 7
INT: 6

Calculated Attributes

PAIN: 14

Weapons and Armor

Dual Daggers:

4+4d6 damage, delay 2

Leather Armor: slashing, cold, electrical, acid, fire



Backstab: All Rogues have the Backstab ability. When an opponent is Undefended toward them, they add additional dice of damage equal to their Intuition. An opponent hit with a Backstab loses 2 pain instead of the normal 1


Disengage: You may disengage from any number of opponents simultaneously by rolling Agility only against the opponent of your choice. Or, you may spend 2 pain and disengage automatically with no roll.

Dual-Wield Style

Independent Hand Training: You no longer take the attack penalty when wielding two weapons.

Many Blows: Decrease your attack speed by 1 segment, to a minimum of 2. You may spend two points of pain to decrease your attack speed for a single attack by an additional 1 segment, to a minimum of 1. You may spend any amount of pain in this manner.

One for Each of You: Spend 2 pain to attack two engaged melee targets simultaneously. Don’t add the base damages of your weapons together as usual (you may decide which weapon hits which target), but otherwise this attack deals normal damage.

Disconcerting Speed: Spend 1 point of pain to add 1 slow to any one enemy you successfully hit, regardless of whether the attack does any damage. You may spend any amount of pain in this manner. You may also combine this ability with attacks that enable you to hit more than one enemy simultaneously, although you must pay for slow for each enemy individually.


Observe: When in combat but not engaged in melee, you may spend 1 segment to simply study an opponent’s fighting style. For each segment you spend studying a single opponent in this manner, gain a +1 to the roll of your choice (attack, defense, damage, attribute, skill) against that opponent.


Accurate Strike: Spend 1 pain to add +2 to your attack roll. You may spend any amount of pain in this manner.


Quick Switch: You no longer need to roll Agility to switch opponents.

Stealth: if opponents are unaware of your presence (due to successful Stealth or other reasons) when combat begins, you may begin the combat already Engaged with the opponent of your choice.

Elegance: You may use Reciprocal Engage on opponents Engaging your allies.

Follow Through: When you Wound or kill an opponent with an attack, you may spend 2 pain to make an immediate follow-up attack on any opponent Engaging you or one of your allies.


Acrobatics: 14
Larceny: 14
Parry: 2
Stealth: 14

Awareness: 10
Outdoorsman: 10
Athletics: 6
Sword: 7

Craftsman: 5
History: 5
Law: 5
Medicine: 4

Animal Lore: 4
Coercion: 3
Etiquette: 3


2 Daggers
Leather Armor
Small stone statuette of a cat
Necklace with a gold chain and a light brown-green stone (not worn)



Gheris Clíodhna has spent most of her life taking much of the penalty for the mistakes of her mother and the existence of her human half-brother, Geoffrey. Initially the magical prodigy, first before all of her many siblings, groomed to inherit the position of head mage of the clan by her own mother, Gheris’ grandmother, Gheris’ mother instead proved to be difficult to control, unmindful of her duty, and an odd attraction to humans and their lifestyles. Often, she would disappear for months at a time doing who knew what, and meet up again with the clan in another part of Ferelden. Siblings and other clan members disapproved of her near-freedom to do whatever she desired, but she was a favorite the clan leader and was allowed to remain within the clan. Finally, she was forced to settle and was married to another elf in the clan. She gave birth to Gheris soon after. When Gheris was about six or seven years old, her mother left again, and returned two years later with a human baby in her arms, claiming it to be her own from a man in Denerim, and died soon after from dire wounds.

Indeed, as the child grew, raised by Gheris and a kindly uncle when her father chose to disown a child with tainted blood, he had some resemblance to Gheris and her mother, but other qualities, subtler than the shape of the ears, indicated human blood. Geoffrey took the brunt of the hatred from the clan, but sharing the same mother indicated that Gheris also had the potential to be disobedient, wild, and a human-lover. Still, their aging grandmother, going through her third husband within Gheris’ memory (and she’d had many more before Gheris), deemed them both family, and dutiful family, and they were permitted to stay.

Still, Gheris grew resentful of her brother and of the human bastard who apparently wouldn’t take him in. But family was family and all she could do was remain dutiful to the clan and use her skills to help in any way she could.

Yet Gheris turned twenty-two and still could not be found a willing marriage partner. The stigma attached to her brother and indirectly to her brought her far down the social ladder within the clan. Furious at him, though he had never purposefully disobeyed or even done anything wrong, she sought to bring him to his human father. Her uncle, fearing they might kill each other, wanting to see his nephew off, and somewhat also eager to see him gone, agreed and even decided to come along.

Traveling under the guise of elves from an alienage to deliver Gheris to another alienage for marriage, they traveled to Denerim. For a year and a half, they searched for indications of the human. Gheris picked up useful skills for a city-dweller and gained an addiction to stealing strange, random, pretty, and often useless objects – statuettes, sewing needles, and other things, all among other useful and potentially shiny things…such as currency. This grew to a kleptomania for things she had never had the chance to possess when with the clan.

Finally, they learned the name of Geoffrey’s father and his occupation – some kind of roving merchant that had stopped and made shop in Denerim for a while. Bad business had occurred, though no story was quite the same, and his shop burned to the ground. Some blamed the elf with him at the time, others bad customers. Every opinion varied. All they could learn for sure was that he traveled with his wares and visited most of the large cities and towns, and would soon be in a small town just south of Lake Calenhad.

They left, heading south and east. They thought they were near Lothering when a severe storm hit, the kind only seen at the dead of winter. Thrown off course and seeking shelter, they stumbled upon the Fort at the base of the Frostback Mountains.


Gheris is a grim young woman with no tolerance for the useless, the hapless, the spineless, or the human. She is sarcastic and snippish, often expressing it with insults and even violence. She obnoxiously twists words and intentions, taking offense at anything her mind latches on to. When encouraged to express rare and direct rage, however, she frequently lacks the words to express herself. She sputters and rages with noises and violence, but insults with difficulty. Her fists and feet start to talk on her behalf.

Yet despite her loud nature, Gheris wants to get things done. If it is quicker – though not necessarily better – to be quiet about something, she will do it. If a solution is easier and faster to kill someone, she has no moral qualms against it, so long as the job is done. But her goals are not to wreak havoc or harm humans, though she’ll take any chance she gets to do that; she puts her full efforts into adding her skills to the clan and makes it her business to be dutiful and useful – as far on the opposite end of the spectrum from her mother as possible. For all her hatred towards her brother, it would be against her nature to eliminate him, and really finds herself hating his position and role in her life rather than Geoffrey himself.


Short – average for an elven female – and of a small frame, Gheris is somewhat “cute”, but a little too thin and bony for most tastes, due to hard times falling on them in the city and a severe lack of food – any food that could be spared went to their elderly and sickly uncle. Her greenish brown eyes are large beneath slightly thick eyebrows, but usually semi-closed, adding a somewhat sleepy or distant look to her face – or, depending on whom you ask, superior. She is slightly tanned with dark circles beneath her eyes, and dark brown, very curly and wild shoulder-length hair. She has a small nose stud piercing and an eyebrow piercing, a common style among her clan.

Gheris Alt Portrait

Lower portrait by EllaNutella and upper portrait by Jennifer .


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