Casidhe Fionnlagh

A male human ne'er-do-well fleeing old troubles, rushing headlong into new troubles.


Rogue Duelist


AGI: 14
PER: 11
STR: 7
END: 5
REA: 7

COM: 10
WIL: 5
INT: 6

Calculated Attributes


Weapons and Armor

Balanced longsword:
one-handed or two-handed
12+6d6 slashing
delay 3
+2 to attacks

2+6d6 piercing
Delay 2

Silverite chain mail:
Grants resistance against slashing, bludgeoning, fire, acid, and magical damage.



Backstab: All Rogues have the Backstab ability. When an opponent is Undefended toward them, they add additional dice of damage equal to their Intuition. An opponent hit with a Backstab loses 2 pain instead of the normal 1.


Disengage: You may disengage from any number of opponents simultaneously by rolling Agility only against the opponent of your choice. Or, you may spend 2 pain and disengage automatically with no roll.

Expert Avoidance: If it is possible to Avoid an Engage attempt, you may spend 1 pain to make the agility roll any time during the delay instead of having to act on the same segment. If you spend pain in this way, you gain a +3 to the Agility roll to Avoid the Engage.

Distract: Spend 4 pain at any time to make an Engaged opponent Undefended toward you for 1 segment.

Expert Dodge: You may spend 2 pain to avoid all damage from a Ranged attack that would normally hit you. Additionally, you may spend 4 pain to avoid all damage from an Area Effect that would normally affect you.

Dual-Wield Style

Independent Hand Training: You no longer take the attack penalty when wielding two weapons.

Many Blows: Decrease your attack speed by 1 segment, to a minimum of 2. You may spend two points of pain to decrease your attack speed for a single attack by an additional 1 segment, to a minimum of 1. You may spend any amount of pain in this manner.

One for Each of You: Spend 2 pain to attack two engaged melee targets simultaneously. Don’t add the base damages of your weapons together as usual (you may decide which weapon hits which target), but otherwise this attack deals normal damage.

Disconcerting Speed: Spend 1 point of pain to add 1 slow to any one enemy you successfully hit, regardless of whether the attack does any damage. You may spend any amount of pain in this manner. You may also combine this ability with attacks that enable you to hit more than one enemy simultaneously, although you must pay for slow for each enemy individually.


Accurate Strike: Spend 1 pain to add +2 to your attack roll. You may spend any amount of pain in this manner.

Weapon Mastery (Sword) 1

When you roll doubles and hit on an attack with a sword, your opponent must roll Endurance against your Strength or be wounded by the attack. When you wound or kill an opponent with an attack with a sword, you regain a point of pain. You may put more points into Weapon Mastery (Sword) to gain a +1 to all attacks with a sword.


Agility 14
Acrobatics: 10
Larceny: 10
Parry: 13
Ride: 1
Stealth: 10

Perception 11
Awareness: 10
Outdoorsman: 5
Strength 7
Athletics: 7
Sword: 7

Reason 7
Arcane Lore:
Law: 2
Monster Lore: 2

Communication 10
Animal Lore:
Coercion: 10
Etiquette: 10
Performance: 10
Will 5
Spell Power:
Intuition 6
Magic Sense:


Balanced longsword
Silverite chain mail
Fur cloak
Clothes on his back
Handful of coins
Longsword (on Demon’s saddlebags)

Active Buffs

Hasted (-1 delay to all actions)
Shock Weapon (extra pain, chance to stun)

Height: 6’1" Weight: 155 Age: 24
Eyes: Green Hair: Blond Skin: Lightly Tanned

Casidhe Fionnlagh (pronounced “Cassidy FINN-lay”), sometimes abbreviated to “Cas,” looks like a man who doesn’t work very hard or eat very often, with slightly sunken cheeks and unruly blond hair. He’s not strong – just stronger than he looks – but he’s got quick hands. He rarely shaves, but never comes anywhere near growing a beard. Casidhe’s green eyes are always moving around, assessing every situation – but when they lock on someone, and he smiles, Casidhe is hard to resist.

Casidhe has a burn scar just above his left shoulder blade, but he rarely goes without a shirt.

He knows when to keep his mouth shut, but talks the rest of the time. Casidhe knows what people want to hear, and how to say it to them. He’s not bad at it, either – as long as he can keep his own desperation out of his voice.

Casidhe usually dresses like a commoner – that’s all he can afford to wear. He loves to don fine garments, but he has no taste, and he’ll sell them if he needs the money. Also, he can’t be moved to take proper care of such clothes… in no time, his finery is indistinguishable from his peasant garb.

He has recently been riding Demon, a horse he’s borrowed from Inbolc.

Casidhe never knew his mother; his father, Brandeouf Fionnlagh, was a Denerim duelist who once worked for a man named Segonal. When Casidhe was eight, Segonal came to Brandeouf’s house and asked him to sneak a woman out of the city; when Brandeouf came back, he demanded release from Segonal’s service, and eventually found work with the importer Luthias MacDaer.

As Brandeouf befriended Luthias, Casidhe befriended Luthias’s younger son, Sim. Since the older son, Phelan, was to inherit the family business, Sim became a licentious wastrel, and his influence on Casidhe interfered with Brandeouf’s plan to train his son in the dueling tradition.

But the pirate Black Torin convinced Sim to betray his family, and Brandeouf was slain in the process. Casidhe failed to see Sim’s hand in the coup, and served him as bodyguard for nearly a year before learning the truth.

He left Denerim for Lothering, where he became a dueling instructor himself. He fell in love with one of his students, Teresa Corwin; when he thought that she’d betrayed him to Black Torin’s men, he left Lothering behind.

Casidhe arrived in the Banncreag about a month ago, and has quietly been getting the lay of the land, trying not to draw too much attention to himself.

Casidhe is trying to find his way and his place in the world. He wishes he could be the duelist his father wanted him to be, but doesn’t want to be the man his father was. He masks his bitterness with a bon vivant demeanor which he’s borrowed from Sim, and occasional bouts of self-destructive behavior like those that characterized his youth.

The duelist’s code of honor frustrates Casidhe. He struggles to live by it, but feels that it should only apply to those who are honorable themselves.

His experience with Sim left him reluctant to trust or care about anyone. He’s tried to put his feelings for Teresa behind him, but part of him still hopes that he’s wrong about her.

Black Torin looms in his thoughts, even though the pirate’s reach is limited.

Casidhe believes in the Maker, but has been angry with Him all his life.

Casidhe’s looking out for himself, first and foremost. He’s trying to survive and keep a low profile, and neither’s easy for him, especially with his inability to plan for the future. Now that he’s sure he’ll be snowed in for the winter, though, he’s committed to lining a nest for himself…

“Not as such, no.”
“I’ll tell you that for nothing.”
“I’m no one of importance, no one a’tall.”
“This calls for a drink.”
“Maker’s breath!”
“Temptation is my only weakness.”
“Prophet’s tears!”

“So honey look down that old lonesome road
Hang down your pretty head and cry
‘Cos I’m thinkin’ all about them pretty little gals
And hopin’ that I’ll never die”
-Woody Guthrie
“More Pretty Girls than One” (performed by Lyle Lovett)

Brandeouf (father, deceased)
Islene (mother, deceased)
Segonal (first cousin, once removed)
Geoffrey (second cousin)

The Duelist’s Son
The Code
Don’t Look Back
The Blue Bottle
More Pretty Girls Than One
Love Lies Bleeding

Drinking, by Jennifer
Thy Solemn Pledge
But We Do Look Nice, by Ellanutella
Motherless Child
Little Battles, co-written with Ellanutella
One Last Time, by Ellanutella
Blades of the Father
The Duel

A Sort of Homecoming

Top portrait by Jennifer, bottom portrait by Ellanutella

Casidhe Fionnlagh

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