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This page is for information on quests and other undertakings. Note that these are merely suggestions.


Find the Ice Heart
Source: Grandmother
Our heroes know that Stennar has the weapon. Grandmother believes that the dwarf is taking it to the Silver Tree, in the Brecilian Forest.

Stop the Silent Lord
Source: Grandmother
Once our heroes have the ice heart, they must take it to the Silver Tree to put an end to the early Winter and save Ferelden.

Deal with Grandmother and Zareh
Source: Naessa
Naessa has discovered Grandmother’s treachery the hard way. How will she pay for her dark deeds?

Kill Gervais
Source: Lothaire
Gervais has become a reaver and is tracking the party. Deal with him. Permanently.


Find the Source of the Wolves
Source: Gheris
Some gigantic white wolves appeared and seem to have kidnapped Gheris’ uncle Falenath.

Investigate the Attacks on the Awar
Source: Inbolc
There have been a number of recent attacks on outlying farms/camps/settlements of Inbolc’s people. He would really like this to stop.

Investigate the Crates
Source: Hidden Camp
A mage pretending to be Jean-Jacques Benoit has a store of some very unusual crates.

Find Geoffrey and Ferron
Source: Hidden Camp
Geoffrey and Ferron went scouting and have not returned.

Investigate the Orlesians
Source: Hidden Camp
This small camp appears to be full of Orlesian soldiers. What are they doing in Ferelden?

Investigate Jean-Jacques Benoit
Source: Hidden Camp
A mage pretending to be Jean-Jacques Benoit has recently exploded into glass fragments.

Install Naessa as the Valwe Keeper
Source: Shyth’valwe’sikarmeth
Naessa has taken over for Zholon as Keeper of the Valwe..

Meet Grandmother
Source: Hesthe and Juillah
The ancient elven keeper known only as Grandmother met with the party to discuss events.

Learn Where the Mirror-People Are Coming From
Source: none
The Knight-Commander in Lothering has also been replaced by a mirror duplicate. The group haa learned that the reflections serve the Silent Lord.


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