One of the largest and wealthiest Dalish clans in Ferelden, the Adra travel throughout the Frostback mountains and regularly trade with the dwarves in Orzammar. They are sometimes disparaged among the other clans as being more merchants than true Dalish, but their wealth and connections have enabled them to avoid troubles that would have annihilated other clans. Unfortunately this also brought them into conflict with Orlesian chevaliers during the occupation of Ferelden.

This hostility came to a head during the reign of Meghren the Usurper. Darana, newly bearing the mantle of Keeper after her predecessor Yaliir stepped down, ordering a full-out assault on an Orlesian scouting party. The elves struck at dusk when human vision was at its worst and slaughtered them to the last man in a matter of minutes. Darana then ordered that the area be utterly stripped and all traces removed. No one was entirely certain what she did with the bodies; they weren’t burned, but they were also never discovered and there were no troubling stories of walking dead that could be traced to the battle, either. Afterward, the Adra took shelter in Orzammar for a few months until Darana was certain there was no threat to the clan. Not even a whisper of the vanished chevaliers had reached the court at Denerim. The Adra were safe.

Emboldened by this success, the Adra left Orzammar and began very carefully hitting targets of opportunity. Unbeknownst to the human rebels of Ferelden, Darana’s actions ware at least partially responsible for much of the humans’ ability to travel undetected in the western part of the country. Darana even detached a few warriors to “join” the rebels and keep tabs on their movements for her. The tendency of good-sized groups of seasoned chevaliers to simply vanish without a trace also contributed to then-Emperor Florian’s decision to cease reinforcing the Fereldan garrison, as it was causing extreme unrest in Val Royeaux.

The Adra have never revealed their small but significant role in the liberation of Ferelden, preferring to enjoy their greatly increased freedom and trading opportunities in smug silence.


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