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Pain and Magic

Pain and Magic are restored automatically at the end of combat—except for the Maintain for active spells. This also means that you don’t spend Magic outside of combat (except Maintain) to cast spells.


A character recovers a number of points of health equal to their endurance after getting a night’s sleep. A successful Medicine roll enables the character to additionally recover a number of health points equal to the skill rank at the same time. Magical healing works instantly.

Wounds, Poisons, Diseases

Characters who are Wounded, Poisoned, or Diseased do not recover Health from resting alone. First, their condition must be treated with a successful Medicine roll. Characters suffering ongoing effects from wounds, poisons, or diseases must be treated twice—once to stop the ongoing effect, and a second time to remove the condition so that they can regain health. The ongoing effects of wounds may be treated using the medicine skill in combat, but the wounded condition may not be.

Use of magic can allow a character to immediately treat a wounded condition, poison, or disease.

Diseases and poisons can be sneaky and the GM may require a character to roll to notice that another character has been poisoned or has contracted a disease before treatment can begin.


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