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This page is for listing NPC’s whose names have been mentioned. NPC’s who become sufficiently involved with the dealings of the party will also be added to the NPC Tracker with their own page, stats, description, and portrait. You may note that I’ve removed some of the NPC’s from the tracker. Their pages aren’t gone, they’re just not attached to this campaign, and if they do become important I’ll add them back in. If you created them, you can see their page by going to your profile and clicking on the “characters” tab. Please keep this list alphabetized. Since not all the characters have last names, I’m putting them in order by first name.

Anaya Ferron’s mother and a former city elf.
Alphonse Empress Celestine’s nephew, killed accidentally by Lothaire.
Alveyin Tavernkeeper at the small elven inn outside the gates of the Banncreag.
Ashoa Keeper Darana’s assistant and niece. Betrothed to Ninnion.

Baedan Ashoa’s father. Obsessed with ancient artifacts.
Black Torin A pirate, killed Luthais, Brandeough and Phelan on Sim’s behest.
Branden A human thief who once worked with Gheris. A bit slow in the head.
Brandeouf Fionnlagh Casidhe’s father, a famous professional duelist and bodyguard, now deceased.
Breaga Hag—er, wise woman of Inbolc’s Avvar clan.

Empress Celestine The ruler of Orlais.
Constance Louise Ann de Frimere Aidan’s overbearing and controlling mother.

Darana The Keeper of Shyth’adra’aerinal, Naessa’s clan.
Donal Tiarnan Aidan’s distant and disinterested father.
Dwinval Steward of the Banncreag pending the appointment of a new Bann.

Elon Keeper Zholon’s former apprentice and assistant, now deceased.

Falenath Gheris Clíodhna and Geoffrey’s uncle.
Finnian An elven thief who once worked with Gheris.

Gervais Fèvre Lorrain d’Armagnac One of the conspirators responsible for Lothaire’s disgrace and flight from Orlais.
Grandmother The Keeper of Shyth’iar’megdelain, Gheris’ clan, and also Gheris’ grandmother.

Hesthe one of Keeper Zholon’s apprentices, he left the clan and joined the Circle in Kinloch Hold. A bit temperamental, he was lucky to survive his days as a student, particularly after the hold had to be evacuated.

Inbolc The chieftain of a large but semi-civilized Awar tribe that lives not too far south of the Banncreag.
Isabelle Renée de Rocfort Oriane’s mother, now deceased.
Islene Casidhe’s mother, now deceased.

Jaedar Corwin Teresa’s father. He very much liked Casidhe and hoped that Teresa would soon be giving up her futile ambition of becoming a Templar to settle down and get married.
Jatris Scout-captain of the Valwe.
Jean-Jacques Benoit A mage acquaintance of Simon’s, believed to be dead until the party encountered him at the Hidden Camp.
Juillah one of Keeper Zholon’s former apprentices, she couldn’t handle the old elf’s irascible temper and joined the Circle in order to escape. More diplomatic than Hesthe, but also not as effective.

Kent A human thief who once worked with Gheris.

Teryn Loghain Mac Tir A famous war hero and Teryn of the city of Gwaren.
Luthais A merchant, friend and client of Casidhe’s father Brandeough. Deceased.

King Maric Theirin The King of Ferelden.

Ninnion Naessa’s twin brother, destined to be Keeper when Darana passes on.

Phelan Luthais’ older son, now deceased.

Sim Casidhe’s former best friend, the younger son of Luthais.
Stennar a close-mounthed young dwarven woman who found Aidan wandering in the snow. She helped him reach the Banncreag but left him to his own devices almost immediately.

Teresa Corwin A young woman Casidhe met in Lothering. They had a brief romantic relationship that ended when Casidhe caught her meeting secretly with some fearsome, warlike men. Fearing another betrayal, Casidhe fled without saying goodbye.
Thatcher An elven servant of Aidan’s family.

Yvon Aubrey Valence des Saults Another of the conspirators allied against Lothaire.

Zholon The Keeper of Shyth’valwe’sikarmeth. In poor health and in need of a replacement.


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