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This is a page for listing information about the creatures the party has encountered.

Abominations Possessed mages, Abominations are vile monstrosities that possess an almost unquenchable rage and hatred toward all other creatures and vastly augmented magical power. Dangerous enough to take down entire troops of trained Templars, the risk of a mage becoming an Abomination is thought to be so terrible that mages are denied their freedom until they have perfected self-control.

Darkspawn Foul creatures of unknown provenance, the Darkspawn come in several varieties, each one worse than the last. They largely live deep below ground until such time as an Archdemon arises, when they spill forth over the land in a Blight, destroying everything in their path. Most Darkspawn are mindless killing machines, although they have some sort of shared consciousness and some of the “castes” of their society are intelligent enough to make tools and wield magic. They carry the Taint of the blight with them.

Demons Malevolent spirits of the Fade, demons can sometimes pass through in places where the Veil has weakened and possess the bodies of the dead. They are also a constant threat to Mages, whose connection to the Fade makes them vulnerable to possession.

Devouring Corpses Dead bodies possessed by a maddened spirit of hunger, they wander the land seeking for things to consume until they are put down.

Drakes Male adult dragons, they are larger than the females and do not possess wings or breathe fire. However, they are still quite formidable.

Emissaries Magic-using darkspawn.

Familiars Creatures formed from natural materials and given life by nature magic, they have a sort of sentience imbued on them by their mage creator. They primarily act as workhorses and protectors for the mage who creates them and are formidable adversaries.

Ghouls Humans tainted by the blight, they lose control of themselves and serve the darkspawn shared mind. They gradually grow sicker and sicker until finally they die, but they can be quite dangerous during that time.

Gryphons Found in the Anderfels, these creatures seem an amalgam of bird and cat. The Gray Wardens famously used to ride tamed gryphons into battle, and still bear a gryphon as their escutcheon.

High Dragons Female adult dragons preparing to lay a clutch of eggs. They emerge from their lairs and gorge themselves, laying waste to vast swaths of countryside in their search for sustenance.

Ice Wolves Horse-sized white wolves. Fast and intelligent. When killed, they “bleed” intensely-cold clear liquid that boils in air.

Ogres massive blue-skinned humanoids with enormous curved horns, they are very dangerous in combat. They are often found with Darkspawn, although the connection is uncertain.

Tainted Animals and even plants that have been afflicted by the blight. They die slowly, but may be incredibly dangerous and contagious during that time.

Walking Dead Corpses possessed and animated by a demon or by magic. If animated by demon, the spirit is driven insane by the state of the body and they wander insensate, attacking anything they come across.

Creatures Encountered

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