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  • Gheris Clíodhna

    *History* Gheris Clíodhna has spent most of her life taking much of the penalty for the mistakes of her mother and the existence of her human half-brother, Geoffrey. Initially the magical prodigy, first before all of her many siblings, groomed to …

  • Naessa Arielle

    *BACKGROUND* Naessa and her twin brother Ninnion were both born with the mage gift, and were considered a miracle gift to their clan, children who would grow up to be great Keepers and lead their clan into a bright new future. Ninnion was the social …

  • Ferron

    Ferron is a young elven hunter from [[:naessa | Naessa's]] clan, the [[Shyth'adra'aerinal | Adra]]. Darana, the clan Keeper, has tasked him with delivering Naessa safely to her new clan. Ferron anticipated that this might prove more difficult than it …

  • Gialinn Clíodhna

    *PRELUDES,* by "Darth Krzysztof":http://www.obsidianportal.com/profile/DarthKrzysztof
    [[Cold, Cold Heart | Cold, Cold Heart]]
    [[The Broken Looking-Glass | The Broken Looking-Glass]]