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  • Gheris Clíodhna

    *History* Gheris Clíodhna has spent most of her life taking much of the penalty for the mistakes of her mother and the existence of her human half-brother, Geoffrey. Initially the magical prodigy, first before all of her many siblings, groomed to …

  • Oriane Mirobelle de Rocfort

    Oriane is Lothaire's wife of seven years, a refined young woman from a very respectable Orlesian family. Her marriage to Lothaire was arranged by her mother and his father, and she is very happy with her husband and her duties overseeing his household at …

  • Naessa Arielle

    *BACKGROUND* Naessa and her twin brother Ninnion were both born with the mage gift, and were considered a miracle gift to their clan, children who would grow up to be great Keepers and lead their clan into a bright new future. Ninnion was the social …

  • Stennar

    Stennar is beyond unusual for dwarves. She was born on the surface (she thinks) and doesn't really grasp the dwarven obsession with dwelling underground. Her main occupation appears to be sightseeing, usually by herself, but the simple fact that she's …

  • Teresa Corwin

    *INTERLUDES*, by "Darth Krzysztof":http://www.obsidianportal.com/profile/DarthKrzysztof
    "The Blue Bottle":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/silent-winter/ …

  • Islene

    Islene Pentaghast was a human woman of Nevarran heritage, a Grey Warden who posed as a merchant with her cousin, [[:segonal | Segonal]], to infiltrate Ferelden. She fell in love with their bodyguard, [[:brandeouf | Brandeouf Fionnlagh]], and bore him a …

  • Gialinn Clíodhna

    *PRELUDES,* by "Darth Krzysztof":http://www.obsidianportal.com/profile/DarthKrzysztof
    [[Cold, Cold Heart | Cold, Cold Heart]]
    [[The Broken Looking-Glass | The Broken Looking-Glass]]

  • Keira Liadan

    Keira is a young Zatani female who travels the roads of Ferelden with her parents, Rajko and Katerina Liadan. She dresses colorfully and speaks with great passion (and a strong Zatani accent).