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  • Casidhe Fionnlagh

    |*Height:* 6'1"|*Weight:* 155|*Age:* 24| |*Eyes:* Green|*Hair:* Blond|*Skin:* Lightly Tanned| !{float:right;}http://th05.deviantart.net/fs50/300W/f/2009/329/9/1/__You_lecherous__drunken______by_EllaNutella.jpg! *APPEARANCE*
    Casidhe Fionnlagh …

  • Brandeouf Fionnlagh

    Brandeouf Fionnlagh was a lean man, a bit taller than most, with sharp eyes and quick hands. He affected a handlebar mustache from time to time, and did not talk or smile much. He usually wore simple clothes, accented with two ornate …