Teresa Corwin

Height:5’7" Weight:140 lbs. Age:25
Eyes:Green Hair:Red Skin:Fair

Teresa Corwin is pretty, lean, and almost tall, with a wave of shining red hair. She wears chain mail and a light duelist’s sword.

Her mother died of fever when Teresa was five, leaving her Templar father, Jaedar, to raise her on his own in Lothering. She grew up wanting to be a Templar, but wasn’t cut out for it – so she became a “knife in the dark” for them, a deniable, covert asset.

While working to expose a plot against Templar-Commander Durwyn Slean, Teresa fell in love with the duelist Casidhe Fionnlagh. She was devastated when he disappeared, and enraged to find him alive in the Banncreag.

She is now returning to Lothering with Casidhe, to investigate his claim that an impostor has taken the Templar-Commander’s place.

Teresa believes in the Chant of Light, and is sure that she will be reunited with her mother in death. Her service to the Templar-Commander is her way of honoring the Prophet; though her duties are sometimes distasteful, they must be done. Since she was never accepted into the Templars, Teresa always feels that she has something to prove.

She loves Casidhe, but hates herself for it. She hasn’t forgiven him for leaving her without saying goodbye, and isn’t sure that she ever will. Her only other close relationship is with her father – she fears to care for anyone else, lest she lose them.

Teresa Corwin

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