Simon Damont

Elder statesman and Circle mage from the Orlesian town of Tourrin


Enchanter (Mage)

Agility 3+1= 4
Perception 4+0= 4
Strength 3+1= 4
Endurance 5+1= 6
Reason 7+5= 12
Communication 7+8= 15
Will 7+3= 10
Intuition 6+4= 10
Calculated Attributes
Health 98
Magic 47
Pain 16
Physical attack 8
Magical attack 27
Physical defense 8
Magical defense 22
Physical resistance 10
Magical resistance 22

Weapons and Armor

Staff of Illumination
Two-handed staff, 3 delay, 23 bludgeoning
(Channel) Two-handed spell power, 3 delay, 23+15d6 magic or fire
Glows brightly when held
Mage robes
+3 Fire
+3 Cold
+3 Electrical


Allows a magic staff to make a magical ranged attack; see the Weapons and Armor section.
Trade 1 Pain for 3 Magic.
Renowned Master II
You gain a +6 to all Reason and Communication skills when you use them against mages or in situations that involve magic. Mages automatically know who you are and are inclined to do you small favors without requiring you to roll.
Ice Blast
Cost 2, Delay 2, Ranged. Does 30 base cold damage.
Cost 4, Delay 3, Area. Does base 15 fire damage to up to 2 opponents and everyone else in their Engaged clusters. You may spend a point of pain to increase the number of opponents by one.
Shock weapon
Cost 6, Delay 6, Maintain 2, Personal or Beneficial. Sheathes a weapon in an electrical field that discharges when it strikes. Opponents taking damage from the weapon take an additional 2 pain and must make a flat Endurance roll or be Stunned for 3 segments. Can be used in conjunction with either Fire Weapon or Ice Weapon.
Cost 15, Delay 5, Area. Creates a sudden powerful force that draws all metal armor and weapons in a large area irresistibly toward it. Affects ALL opponents and ALL allies, except the caster, wearing metal armor (almost all armor contains some metal) or wielding weapons that contain metal. All are immediately disengaged from all opponents, pulled out of cover, pulled out of obstacles or Sniping or any other similar combat modes, and all take 10 base damage.
Cost 15, Delay 2, Ranged. Does 25 base electrical damage and the target is stunned for 2 segments. The caster may spend 4 pain to have the Arc affect another opponent, rolling to hit each separately. Any amount of pain may be spent in this manner.
Cost 1, Delay 1, Ranged. Instantly Disengages a target from all opponents.
Cost 5, Delay 2, Maintain 5, Area. Affects 5 opponents and their Engaged clusters. All targets must roll Will against the caster’s Will or add 3 delay to all actions for the duration. If all targets succeed in resisting, the caster immediately regains the Maintain cost. You may spend 1 pain to add 2 additional targets.
Cost 5, Delay 5, Maintain 5, Ranged. If the attack hits, the target is paralyzed for the duration.
Cost 4, Delay 3, Maintain 3, Beneficial. The target gains extra temporary pain equal to to your spell power.
Cost 5, Delay 2, Maintain 5, Personal. Gain a bonus to your physical and magical defense equal to your spell power. Also allows you to use your resistance against piercing and magical damage if your armor does not already grant this.
Cost 5, Delay 2, Maintain 5, Personal. Gain a bonus to your physical and magical resistance equal to your spell power.
Cost 10, Delay 2, Maintain 10, Personal or Beneficial. The target subtracts 1 from the delay of all actions, to a minimum of 1.
Dispel Magic
Cost 5, Delay 3, Area. Ends all Maintained effects on the battlefield.
Drain Magic
Delay 3, Ranged. The target must roll Will against the caster’s Spell power or they lose a number of Magic points equal to the Mage’s Spell Power and the Mage instantly regains half that many magic points.


Ride 5+4= 9
Awareness 5+4= 9
Arcane lore 5+12= 17
History 1+12= 13
Law 5+12= 17
Medicine 5+12= 17
Monster Lore 1+12= 13
Philosophy 1+12= 13
Animal lore
Coercion 10+15= 25
Etiquette 10+15= 25
Spell power 15+10= 25
Magic sense 5+10= 15


  • Enchanted staff
  • Staff of Illumination
  • Mage’s robes (formal and travelling)
  • Riding horse (Vizir)

Simon stepped into the inn from the wan chill of the winter morning, doffing his bright red cap. He climbed the stairs and quietly entered the room he shared with Lothaire. It was a shame, he thought, that they shared such sparse accommodations, but work as a mercenary had been difficult to find. It was all the aging Circle mage could do to garner the odd guard job; few in Ferelden had heard of Lothaire or Simon, which was probably for the best.

Lothaire still lay in bed, likely to remain there until at least midday. Quietly, so as not to disturb him, Simon began to remove his dusty cloak and vest. He took an embroidered satchel from under his bed and opened it, removing a bundle of silk which quickly unfurled itself into a brightly colored formal robe. The garment was quite out of place in the dingy room. Simon’s wizened frame shivered as he hastened to don and arrange the robes. When they were in place as best he could see, he then attempted the task of managing his thinning gray hair without the aid of a mirror. Finally, he braided his long goatee. It was not the best he’d ever looked, but it would have to do.

Satisfied, the diplomat-mage shuffled out of the room, reviewing what he knew of their latest prospective client. If this meeting went well, he’s be able to tell Lothaire about their new job when he woke up and recovered from his hangover enough to care. Lost in thought, Simon Damont walked back out of the inn and into the frosty morning.

Simon Damont

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