Lothaire Séverin Valère de Tourrin

A despondent Orlesian chevalier in disgrace seeking redemption.




AGI: 11
PER: 9
STR: 11
END: 10
REA: 7

COM: 7
WIL: 8
INT: 5

Calculated Attributes

HEALTH: 171 (current 52)
PAIN: 18 (current 28)

Weapons and Armor

Inbolc’s Sword (One Handed):
10+11d6 slashing damage
delay 3
+2 Pain on successful strike

Curved Axe (Two-Handed):
10+11d6 slashing damage
delay 5

Plate Armor:
slashing, bludgeoning, piercing, cold, fire, acid

Heraldic Shield:
+2 melee defense, +4 ranged defense


Charge: Spend 3 pain and take a -10 to your defense for the next 5 segments in order to instantly Engage the target of your choice.


Clever Direction: You may take a 1 delay action to switch your mount from Engaging your target to any other target that is engaging you.

Hit and Run: While you are mounted, you may add 3 to the delay of any melee attack to make that attack on a target without Engaging them.

Mounted Assault: Add your mount’s strength score to the base damage of your attack when using the Hit and Run ability.

Trample: Spend 3 pain to make an attack on an additional opponent with the Hit and Run talent. If you hit with that attack, you may spend 3 more pain to make a third attack and so on until you miss.


Disengage: You may disengage from any number of opponents simultaneously by rolling Agility only against the opponent of your choice. Or, you may spend 2 pain and disengage automatically with no roll.

Many Opponents: Add one to the number of opponents you may Engage simultaneously. (This also means that if you use the Engage combat action, you can engage all of those opponents as part of the same action.) If you also purchase Not So Fast and/or I’m Over Here, add 1 additional opponent for each of those talents you possess.

Weapon and Shield Style

Bash: Spend 1 pain to strike with your shield and your weapon simultaneously (roll two attacks). If your shield attack hits it does the shield’s physical defense value in base damage. Use Strength as the applicable weapon skill to determine bonus damage. The target must also roll Endurance against your weapon skill+statistic or be stunned for 1 segment. If you take additional talents in this style, add 1 segment of stun for each additional talent.

Shield Charge: When you are wielding a shield, you take only a -5 penalty to defense when using the Charge ability.


Weapon Mastery I (Sword): This talent must be specified by a weapon type. If you gain access to this weapon mastery for multiple types of weapons, you may buy this mastery multiple times for different weapons. When you put a point into Weapon Mastery, you gain the following benefits for that weapon type: When you roll doubles and hit on an attack, your opponent must roll Endurance against your Strength of be wounded by the attack. When you wound or kill an opponent with an attack with the specified weapon, you regain a point of pain. Thereafter you may put more points into Weapon Mastery for that weapon to gain a +1 to all attacks with that weapon.


Parry: 5
Ride: 11

Awareness: 9

Athletics: 7
Sword: 11
Axe: 11

Law: 7
Siege: 7

Coercion: 7
Etiquette: 7


Plate Mail, Heraldric Shield, Inbolc’s Sword, Curved Axe, Dagger, Spawn (Special Warhorse), Wedding Ring on a chain, Broken Longsword, Worn Travel Clothes.


The afternoon sun hung high in the mostly clear blue sky while sparse snowflakes danced to the tune of a chilling wind. Lothaire slouched in his saddle, absently wondering when his lame horse would fail and force him to walk, but that was the least of his worries. Every day he was in a foul temper, a state of misery exacerbated by the stream of pleasant memories contrasted with his now bleak life. The monotonous sloshing of the hooves in the slushy snow bringing back his days riding a powerful destrier, the weight of his panoply reminding him his previous station as a chevalier of Orlais. His mail armor now barely fitted his portly frame, while his sturdy reinforced wooden shield, bearing the heraldry of his family, was now dented, chipped and battered. Resting on his shoulder was a large axe, the sword symbolizing his previous status laid shattered somewhere in an Orlesian field, only the hilt and part of the blade remained, always at his belt.

Once he had a better life, a life he was proud of. He was a chevalier of Orlais and he was set to inherit the town of Tourrin from his father. Now he was stuck wandering barbarian lands, lending his skills in the art of war for a price, a despicable mercenary. Every day he was unsure where the road would lead him, every day he recalled his better life and every day he wanted to end this wretched one. Yet in all the months since his disgrace, his exile, he never followed that thought through. Perhaps he was a coward or perhaps there remained some thin sliver of hope. There was still one person in Thedas he cared for, someone that made this pitiful existence somewhat bearable. His wife, Oriane, hadn’t abandoned him like the rest, she had still loved him even after he became a nobody. Lothaire couldn’t possibly drag her through this misery though and so he left her behind, to spare the pain he said. The ring he had worn in symbol of their union for the past few years hung around his neck, a memento of better days and a reminder of why he needed to continue living on.

There was another who had not abandoned him when the fortunes had shifted from under him. A retainer of his family, a mage by the name of Simon had remained with him up to this day. In truth, Lothaire would not have been able to survive long without Simon. In his despondent state, the once proud chevalier had sunk to bouts of drinking, preferably large quantities of wine, but whatever was at hand became more and more acceptable. It was not the only bad habit he had picked up, his once neatly trimmed graying dark hair had were now below shoulder length and unkempt. Similarly, his gruff features overgrown with a thick beard, also graying, which gave a wild look more reminiscent of the barbarians he despised than of a civilized Orlaisian. For all his recent failings though, Lothaire still knew how to fight and with Simon arranging his employment, he eked out a living. Now it was this very way of life that was leading them farther and farther from civilization and into places he had only barely heard of.

Maker willing, perhaps Lothaire would finally find redemption in this forlorn land.

Coat of Arms

Lothaire Séverin Valère de Tourrin

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