Jaedar Corwin

Teresa's Father, a Former Templar


Jaedar Corwin is pushing sixty, a squat, broad-shouldered man with a ruddy face and a limp.

Jaedar Corwin served as a Templar for many years in Lothering, until he hurt his leg and was unable to continue. He married a bit late in life, almost as an afterthought; before his wife died, they had one child together, Teresa.

Jaedar has been retired for most of Teresa’s life. He served the former Templar-Commander as an adviser, but is rarely called upon by the current holder of the post, Durwyn Slean.

Jaedar did things he’s not proud of during his service, but believes that the end justifies the means. Though he’s sure that Teresa knows right from wrong, he still fears for her safety.

His faith in the Chant of Light is strong; he believes that he will be reunited with his wife in death.

Teresa is everything to Jaedar now. He’s fond of her new friend, Casidhe Fionnlagh, and hopes that he’ll be good for her.

INTERLUDES, by Darth Krzysztof

Jaedar Corwin

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