Gervais Fèvre Lorrain d'Armagnac

An unscrupulous man, increasingly obsessed with Lothaire


Known possible talents

  1. Fear: Area, Cost 5, Delay 2, All opponents must roll Will against your Strength or be Stunned for 3 segments.
  2. Void Weapon: Personal, Cost 5, Delay 5, Maintain 5, When you strike an opponent, they must make a flat Endurance roll or be Wounded.
  3. Dark Energy: When you damage an opponent, gain 2 points of temporary bonus magic.
  4. Devour: (Special range) Cost 10, Delay 2: You may devour the soul of a Wounded opponent by drinking their blood. All of your Health, Pain, and Magic (barring Maintain costs) is restored. The opponent is sent into a catatonic state that resembles death from which they cannot recover without special aid.

Gervais was once friends with Lothaire, however the passage of time and his spendthrift habits changed Gervais for the worse. He and Yvon came to Lothaire with a plan to steal tax money, seeking Lothaire’s help, and Lothaire agreed with the intention of exposing the plan in such a way as to prevent his friends from suffering the consequences of their actions. This backfired, however, and Gervais’ brother was killed.

Gervais now hunts Lothaire incessantly and has become increasingly crazed by his desire for revenge. He has become a reaver with the aid of the Old God known as Uthelisse, Speaker of Oracles.

Gervais Fèvre Lorrain d'Armagnac

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