Brandeouf Fionnlagh

Casidhe's Late Father, a Master Duelist


Brandeouf Fionnlagh was a lean man, a bit taller than most, with sharp eyes and quick hands. He affected a handlebar mustache from time to time, and did not talk or smile much. He usually wore simple clothes, accented with two ornate dueling blades.

Brandeouf never knew his father, and left home at an early age. He traveled with a duelist who’d come to Ferelden looking for work during the Orlesian occupation, studying the LaCroix style.

Segonal and Islene hired Brandeouf to protect their merchant caravan as they made their way to Denerim. Brandeouf fell in love with Islene, but she refused to marry him, even after bearing his child, Casidhe. He was devastated when she left him, with no explanation, to raise their son on his own.

He continued to work for Segonal, until the night he asked Brandeouf to sneak an elven woman out of Denerim. Brandeouf tried to return Gialinn to the Iar, but Templars caught up with them, and Gialinn was slain. Brandeouf barely made it back to Denerim, and resigned his position on the spot.

Months later, Brandeouf went to work for importer Luthias MacDaer, with whom Islene and Segonal had done business in the past. Casidhe’s friendship with Luthias’s second son, Sim, interfered with Brandeaouf’s plan to train his son as a duelist, and he grew further and further apart from his son.

Brandeouf was killed when Sim betrayed his father and seized control of the MacDaer family.

Brandeouf was an honest, direct man who had little patience for foolishness. He was without peer as a duelist, but was never arrogant about it, preferring to let his skill speak for itself.

He lived by his code, believing that an honorable life was the only life worth living. He was never very good at expressing his feelings; only those who knew him well would know he ever had any. He was a good friend to Segonal, and Casidhe never understood why Brandeouf quit the man’s service.

Brandeouf adored Islene, despite – or, perhaps, because of – their differences, and was never the same after she left him. Without a father of his own to remember, he raised Casidhe the only way he knew how – the way he, himself, had been raised.

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Brandeouf Fionnlagh

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